International Presence

Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, Government of Sri Lanka
  • ➢ Demo/Presentation programme on eOffice Product suite (eOffice Portal, eFile, KMS) was organized for senior administrative officials of MTDI.
  • ➢ Extensive discussions and guidance related to preparation of organization & employee data, file heads, etc were shared with the MTDI officials in accordance with their day to day working.
  • ➢ eOffice Product suite was setup for MTDI and the folder structure was finalized & created in KMS.
  • ➢ Training sessions on eOffice Product suite were organized for MTDI officials and the experience gained from different eOffice implementations were also shared with them.
  • ➢ A brief demonstration on Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) application was also organized for MTDI Administrative staff.
  • ➢ A meeting with Sri Lankan based CA representatives was organized and the digital signing in eOffice was tested with the test DSCs.
  • ➢ A trial run before the launch was conducted with valid DSCs issued to the Secretary and Hon’ble Minister, MTDI, Government of Sri Lanka.
  • ➢ Hon’ble Minister, TDI, Government of Sri Lanka, Shri Harin Fernando launched e-Office by digitally signing e-File in the presence of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of E&IT, GoI and Smt. Neeta Verma, DG, NIC. on 15th January, 2018