CBP on eOffice for System Administrators on eFile New Stack (Level-5)

The major stakeholders in eOffice are the public servants, represented by government officials. Their leadership skills, technological awareness, commitment and willingness are central to the success of any project. The adequate skills and knowledge required are often times seen missing among the employees. This skill-gap as well as mindset-gap that resist change and information sharing could be detrimental to the successful implementation of the project. It is essential to infuse the above attributes and prerequisites for good eGovernance into every stakeholder involved or going to get involved.
Recognizing the need for developing capabilities and skill in eOffice, NIC organized an intensive Capability Building Programme (CBP) to build the skills of the employees of Government of India.
The Capability Building Programme was organized at NIC, New Delhi.Participants from various departments of Government of India participated in the programme.
The key feature of the programme was that it was based on Case Studies combined with interactive sessions with discussions on practical problem solving, focused hands-on and skill building in eOffice.
This report documents the highlights of the programme, feedback and its analysis and suggested way forward.

To build human capabilities in using ICTs to maximize performance and efficiency of governance.
To develop expertise and build a body of knowledge, which the participants of the programme can then take back to their own organizations where it can be used on a wider scale.
To fulfil twin objectives of developing people and solving problems.
To facilitate a swift transition from the current working environment in the offices to a more efficient and transparent working environment.>

No. of participants max. 30 per batch.
The participants have minimum knowledge of operating a computer and working on Internet, MS-Word and MS-Excel.
The batches are homogeneous with respect to the skill sets and work profile of the participants.

The approach begins with building the right mind-set to enable the participants to accept change while polishing their skill-set to use the perfect tool-set provided in the form of eOffice.
It is a unique approach to capability building involving active participation of each and every participant.
It focusses on learning and upgradation of relevant capabilities and skill of everyone involved in this programme, thus achieving ´┐ŻLearning while Teaching´┐Ż.
The users are grouped in different levels as depicted in the picture below -


The learning and development of CBP at various Levels would follow the following methodology.
Interactive presentation and demonstration enabling better understanding of the programme and the product.
Case study based approach enhancing the grasp on the working of the various modules.
Personalized and focused approach encouraging maximum participation and involvement in the programme.
Activity based hands on sessions facilitating the participants to apprehend the working of the various modules/applications effectively.
Corresponding revision of the respective modules helping in their better comprehension.
Motivational sessions aiming at facilitating change in perspective.
Fun problem solving activities challenging mental capabilities and assessing the participants on the understanding of eOffice.
Feedback mechanism enabling to assess and analyze the ongoing programme and excel in future endeavors.
Photograph and thanks-giving session