Demonstration on eOffice for the officials of ISRO
CBP on eOffice for Users
Demonstration on eOffice for Assistant Secretaries(IAS officers of 2014 batch) of Government of India
CBP on eOffice for Users (eFile version 7X) Level I
CBP on eOffice for Master Trainers (eFile new v7.x) - Level II
Training on eFile at MoSPI
Orientation Program on eOffice for the officials of Dr RML Hospital
Orientation Program on eOffice for the officials of Safdarjung Hospital
Demonstration on eOffice at ISTM for Assistant Direct Recruits
Training program on eFile for the officials of Indian Army
Programmes: 1343| Departments: 533| Users: 32432
Programmes: 62 |  Departments: 101 |  Users: 2229
Current Programme:
A= Available, R= Reserved
The nominations can be applied online by clicking on the desired date.

    1. 'CBP on eOffice for System Administrators' is only for departments/organizations managing eOffice deployment at data centres / cloud environment other than National Data Centre (NDC).

    2. A maximum of two nominations only, can be accepted for 'CBP on eOffice for System Administrators'.

    3. All the CBPs are of four (4) days, except the one for System Administrator (Level-4), which is for three(3) days only. The nominations will be accepted only from those departments / organisations who have procured eOffice.

  • 1. CBP Level III (EMD and Product Administrators)
  •   Date: 27-12-2022  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
  • 2. CBP Level III (PIMS and Product Administrators) - eFile NG
  •   Date: 28-02-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
  • 3. CBP Level II (Master Trainers) - eFile NG
  •   Date: 31-01-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
  • 4. CBP Level I (Users) - eFile NG
  •   Date: 10-01-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
    Date: 14-02-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
    Date: 14-03-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
  • 5. CBP Level V (System Administrators)- eFile NG
  •   Date: 17-01-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
    Date: 21-03-2023  
    Seat(s):  A (20), R (0)
    Points to be noted:

    1. Nominations are to be submitted online, however if required only, fill the nominee(s) / participant(s) details in Prescribed Template () and email us duly signed copy at - training[dot]eoffice[at]nic[dot]in.

    2. All programmes are conducted at: 2nd Floor, NICSI Development Centre, DMRC I.T. Park, Shastri Park, Delhi-110053.

    3. For any query contact Mr. S.K. Patro, Technical Director at- sk[dot]patro[at]nic[dot]in